Your Preschoolers Like To Race? Build Them A Backyard, Mini Car Race Track

If your children love to ride their motorized, mini cars but don't have much room to get around, why not build a safe race track in your large backyard? Your paving contractors can help you design the perfect mini-car racing track that's safe and unique. Until you speak with your contractors, here are some ideas you might find useful for your race track.

Choose a Size

The size of your children's backyard race track should be large enough to accommodate them as they grow from preschoolers to big kids. If your backyard is large enough, you may choose to build the track on half of the property and then extend the track to the other side of the yard as your children get older. It also gives you a chance to add extra features to your track, such as a drink stand and pit stop for your kids if they need a break from racing.

Keep in mind that you also need to consider the width of the race track's course when you design it. Preschoolers require a slower, wider track than older kids because their mini vehicles typically don't go that fast and require batteries to operate.

A driving area of 8-12 feet across is ideal because it may prevent your kids' mini cars from accidentally tipping over when they need to navigate around corners, bends and other similar obstacles. Use the width of public sidewalks to help you choose a race course size that accommodates your kids' cars comfortably. Public sidewalks generally range between 4-6 feet wide. It's a good idea to have your kids ride their cars on the sidewalk near your house to see how the cars fit side-by-side, one behind the other, and individually. Your kids need plenty of room to pass or move in front of each other as they use the race track.

Choose Your Pavement

Your paving contractor offers different types of paving material, including asphalt. Asphalt's surface isn't as hard as concrete, which helps cushion your kids' bodies if they fall from their cars. Most asphalt materials contain rubber and other recycled compounds that act as buffers and shock-absorbers. It's one of the reasons your paving company uses asphalt to fix roads, sidewalks and parking lots.

The material also stretches in heat and contracts in cold. These features make asphalt a cost-effective addition to your backyard race track because it can resist cracking and lifting during the summer and winter seasons. Additionally, asphalt may prevent the tires of your kids' cars from skidding or slipping as they navigate the course. 

For more information, or if you would like professional assistance, contact Jordan Wells Paving or a similar company.