What To Consider Before Altering Your Home's Driveway

Before you alter your home's driveway, you need to consider several factors that can influence the work you want done. It is a good choice to look through these factors so you can avoid mistakes that can cost you more money and time to repair. Even though it will take some time and planning to complete the process the right way, it is worth the effort to obtain a great looking driveway the first time you have any work done.

Permit Requirements

One important factor to consider is whether you need a permit to alter your driveway. In many neighborhoods, the driveways are attached to the curb and sidewalks, but altering these two areas can be a problem if you do not have the right permit.

If your ultimate goal is to change the shape, size or location of any portion of your driveway, this may also require a permit to do so. You need to be aware of how far any additions can be from the property line, since some cities have strict rules about driveway placement.

To avoid any issues with your driveway construction, it is best to visit your local zoning office. Once there, you can explain the changes you want to make and they can tell you what type of permit you will need. Even if you do not require a permit, it is a good idea to get that fact in writing, so that if a future issue arises with a neighbor for example, you have paperwork to prove that you adhered to the laws in your area.

Homeowners Association Rules

If you live in a neighborhood with a Homeowners Association (HOA), you may have limitations or rules about the type of driveway embellishments you can have. Some of these rules stipulate the acceptable colors or patterns allowed in the neighborhood.

You also need to be aware that most pavement contractors will not have this information and you will need to contact your HOA for an answer. When you contact them, you want to ask specifically about the changes that are not allowed. It is also wise to get this information in writing, so if the paving contractor is familiar with your neighborhood, you can show them that the changes have been approved.

When you have the desire to alter your driveway, you want to avoid issues with your local government and HOA. By looking into the different factors, you will not make the mistake of changing something that goes against your city zoning laws or HOA agreement. Once you have the information you need, you can set up a schedule for the paving company, like AFS Construction Services, to change your home's driveway.