3 Times When You Need a Land Surveyor

Are you in the process of buying property? Or are you looking to make an improvement or repair to your current property? Before you move forward, you may want to schedule a land survey. A land survey can give you the exact boundaries of your property and the surveyor can give you an official record so you can have the boundaries certified with your local county office. That can be helpful should you and your neighbors ever have a boundary dispute or if you need to sell or refinance your home. Here are three specific situations in which a land survey could be helpful.

Buying property

Far too often, property buyers trust their real estate agents when it comes to the property's boundaries. Or they may simply accept existing fences or mowing lines as evidence of the boundaries. However, it's very possible that all of these things could be incorrect. A survey could show that the property is actually much bigger or that neighboring structures actually intrude on the property in question. You'll want to know these things before you commit to the property. Spending the money for a survey could payoff with a big return if the survey shows that you have more land than you thought.


If you're refinancing your property, you'll likely want to get as high of an appraisal as possible. The greater the value of the home, the more equity you'll have to tap into during the refinancing process. One of the best ways to increase value is to increase the size of your lot. A surveyor can come out and precisely identify your boundaries to make sure you're using the right dimensions for your appraisal. He or she can also make sure that all of your structures and those of your neighbors are on the correct lots, helping to avoid any possible title issues during the refinance process.

Property improvement

Are you putting up a fence? Or are you doing some yard maintenance, such as planting new bushes or having a tree cut down? Before you undertake a major expense on the yard, you may want to have the land surveyed first. It's possible that the tree you're about to cut down is actually on your neighbor's property. Or you may find that the fence you're putting up should actually be out another few feet. These are issues you wouldn't want to discover after the fact. A surveyor can help you avoid these problems.

For more information, contact a land surveyor like Burget & Associates Inc in your area. They can advise on whether an official survey may be helpful for you.