The Open Office - A Collaborative Environment For Productivity

If you are revamping your office space, with the help of a company like Midwest Commercial Interiors, this might be the perfect time to get on board with the open office look. This is an office design that gets rid of cubicles and smaller offices, instead leaning towards common areas to get people to work together. If you run a business that is in sales, marketing or creative design, an open office plan can help your staff connect and move quickly on new ideas or trends. Here are three reasons an open office design might be a good setup for your office space.

1. A Catalyst for Teamwork and Inspiration

Once the cubicle walls come down, your staff won't have silos prohibiting collaboration and creativity. If individuals are set up to work together, they will. An open space will encourage your staff to bounce ideas off of each other and rely on teamwork every day. Impromptu meetings on new ideas or products can move faster if everyone is on board and engaged throughout the day. If team leads are on the floor with the staff, this can make decisions and answers happen quickly.

2. Increased Efficiency with Open Space

If project teams can be grouped together and work together on projects, this will take up less space. Designated individual meeting rooms can be reserved and used when needed, which is more efficient than individual offices possibly remaining empty throughout the day when staff might be out. If you are hoping to hire on more staff, a shift to the open office environment will free up space. You can house more staff in the same space that once was tied up with office and cubicle walls.

3. An Environment That's Good for the Bottom Line

If you are hoping to save money with your office remodel up front, as well as in the long run, an open office concept is worth some consideration. Your design budget will be reduced with less walls and infrastructure to deal with. Open offices tend to save money on general utilities such as heating and cooling because the space is easier to maintain than closed rooms with pockets of air to control.

There are those that think that an open office environment can be too distracting and is too far from the norm, but open spaces can offer up so much more. If you can get your staff on board with the pros that this type of office space can provide, you can make this work for your business and the bottom line. Incorporating an open office into your next renovation just might be the key to take your business to the next level.