2 Simple Ways To Repair Puck Damage To Your Garage Door

While traditionally thought of as a Canadian sport, more people in the United States are beginning to enjoy hockey. Statistics show that more Americans are hitting the ice than ever before, with 519,417 players registering for the 2013-2014 hockey season.

If someone in your home is a hockey enthusiast, you likely have the puck marks on your garage door to prove it. Here are two simple things you can do to repair puck damage to your garage door.

1. Replace a single garage door panel.

If the puck damage in your garage door is limited to a fairly small area, you may be able to replace a single panel in order to restore the beauty of your door.

To get started with this repair, remove the interior hinges and brackets holding the garage door panel in place. Tip the damaged panel back toward you, and slide it out. Replace the damaged panel with a new panel you have purchased from your garage door manufacturer, and tighten the interior hinges and brackets back into place.

Replacing only the panel that is damaged can be a great way to cut costs when it comes to getting rid of puck marks in your garage door.

2. Remove dents using household items.

If your hockey enthusiast has a decent shot, you will probably end up with some dents in your garage door. If your door is aluminum, you can use some household items to get rid of the dents left behind by stray hockey pucks. All you need is a bucket of water, some liquid dish soap, a sturdy sponge, canned air, a roll of aluminum foil, and a heat lamp.

Use the soap and water to thoroughly clean any dirt and debris from the dent and surrounding area. Let the area dry completely, then cover the dent with aluminum foil. Hold the foil in place, then use the heat lamp to evenly distribute heat across the area for about one minute.

Once the foil is heated, remove it and grab your can of air. Hold the can upside down to allow the liquid carbon dioxide in the can to really cool the air, and shoot the dented area for about 30 seconds. The temperature difference will cause the aluminum inside the dent to return to its original form, eliminating the dent completely.

Discovering puck damage on your garage door can be disheartening. By knowing that you can replace a single damaged panel or use household items to get rid of dents, you will be prepared to battle any puck damage you discover in the future. If you are not confident attempting these repairs on your own, contact a garage repair company like Allied Garage Door Inc.