How To Mix And Store Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete is great for all sorts of structural repairs and installations. It is so convenient and easy to mix that it is often used for small concrete patches as well as large scale concrete pours. However, DIY enthusiasts will want to know the best way to mix and store concrete. Ready-mixed concrete is super easy to work with: just add water. You also need to always keep an eye on the clock, because the mixed concrete can dry out, changing the consistency and making it harder to work with.

Mixing with Power

The key to quickly and safely stirring ready mix concrete is to use a power drill with a special concrete mixing attachment. These attachments are affordable and easy to use, but you need to make sure your drill can handle the heavy workload of mixing concrete. Many consumer cordless power drills are only strong enough to tighten screws. Drills with smaller voltage won't be able to mix the concrete, and it could damage the motor. Impact drivers will be able to mix large amount of concrete with ease.

Using Buckets

You will also need several buckets. Don't just bring home one 5-gallon bucket and expect it to get the job done. You want one bucket for mixing the concrete and two more filled with just water. The first water bucket should have clean water that you pour into the mixture bucket. The other water bucket is just for cleaning the concrete mixing bit. In fact, whenever you are not using the drill, you can just set the mixing attachment into the water. It prevents concrete from caking up on the mixer and works as a handy little holder for your drill.

Don't Forget to Buy Lids

The fact is, some projects require long waits between pours. This means you will need to let the concrete sit and dry out between pours. If the mixed concrete has only been sitting for around an hour, you can probably just add water to get it back to the desired consistency. However, on hot days the mix can dry out even quicker. And, if you are waiting overnight between pours, you want to put a lid on the bucket to try to preserve the concrete. You will still probably need to add more water to the mixture to loosen it up the next day. Without a lid, the concrete would dry up and become useless.

Taking this into consideration, your concrete mixing and pouring will be much more seamless.