Making Your Dock A Cool Hang Out Spot

Docks are an essential part of any lake home, but they can seem like a one-note item for many homeowners. After all, they really only serve a few purposes: tying down your boats and giving you a launching area. Building a hang out spot on or near your dock can help transform it into a multi-purpose item!

Build A Sitting Area

To build a sitting area, you are going to need to pick a location. Some people will prefer to sit on the land at the end of the dock, while others will want a sitting area directly over the water. This choice is great for people who really want to take advantage of living on a lake: there's nothing quite like relaxing over rushing water.

The latter choice is much trickier to build. You're going to have to sink several pieces of lumber into the bed of your lake and hold them in place with cement. Then, you need to add several two-by-fours on top of these support beams to create the floor. It should be large enough for at least four to five chairs.

Types Of Chairs To Add

Once you've finished your sitting area, you need to add seats. There are many choices you can take here. Many people will want wooden chairs to match their dock. These chairs need to be carefully stained and maintained throughout the year to avoid weathering damage. It may also require you to literally build wooden benches, a challenging task that will truly make your dock sitting area unique.

However, if you don't want to worry about that kind of maintenance headache, you can also choose metal chairs with cushions. These chairs will be easier to remove and store during the off-season.

Add All-Purpose Rods

Once you have chairs for everyone, you should add a vertical metal rod about two-inches in diameter near each seat. This rod should be about two to three feet high. It is useful for a variety of purposes. For example, it could hold the following items:

  • Cup holder
  • Foot stool
  • Book holder
  • Rope (for tying down boats)
  • Fishing rod holder

The latter is especially important for a dock sitting area. With it, you and your friends can fish for hours while enjoying a few drinks. The other items will simply make the sitting area more comfortable and relaxing.

That's the basic set-up for your sitting area, one that can be altered by adding items such as guard railings or even mosquito netting. Whatever items you want to choose, you're bound to have fun with your new hang out spot! For more information and ideas, contact a local marine construction company like SteMic Enterprises Inc