How Can You Clean Your New Engineered Quartz Countertops?

Your new engineered quartz countertops are made from ground-up quarried stone mixed with resin to create an exceedingly durable and nonporous surface. As a result, maintenance of your countertops is relatively simple. These tips will help you maintain your quartz counters so they'll continue to look beautiful for many years to come.

How should you clean your countertops?

The easiest way to clean your countertops is with warm water and a clean microfiber cloth. As mentioned before, engineered quartz is nonporous, which means that it won't absorb liquids, bacteria, or foods that stain. For standard cleaning purposes after meal preparation and at the end of the day, natural cleaners like vinegar will work well to clean your countertops. Keep a spray bottle of vinegar on hand and spray down your counters as needed. Then wipe the counters with a dry microfiber cloth. Other types of cloths like cotton rags and paper towels can be used, but some types of rags may leave behind fibers that will stand out on dark-colored countertops.

What should you do if you get marks from a permanent marker on your countertops?

If your countertops should become marred with a permanent marker, wipe away the marks with warm water and vinegar as soon as possible. If the marker is already dried on the surface of the quartz, spray the counters with a kitchen degreaser cleaner, then wipe the counters off with a microfiber cloth.

Continue to wipe down the counters with degreaser and vinegar until the permanent marker is removed. Always remember to check your countertop warranty before using your selected brand of degreaser, as the warranty may name a preferred brand or have specific instructions for use of certain types of cleaning products. Using the wrong type of cleaner may damage the counter and void your warranty.

What should you do if something gummy or sticky gets stuck to your countertops?

Use a nonabrasive plastic scraper to scrape up as much of the sticky substance as you can, then use a kitchen degreaser (approved by the warranty as described above) and a microfiber cloth to clean the counters. This will help remove any lasting residue on the surface of the counters. When the sticky substance has been removed, wipe down the area with vinegar to remove the remaining degreaser.

For more information about how to maintain your engineered quartz countertops, talk to a customer service representative from the company that installed your counters. Your customer service rep can help answer your questions about issues like cleaning and general maintenance of your counters. If you are interested in installing an engineered quartz counter, contact a company like Rogan Granitindustrie, Inc.