3 Reasons To Have Overhangs On Your Home

One house feature that seems to be getting ignored more and more by home builders and designers are overhangs, which is a shame as overhangs can benefit your home in a wide variety of ways, such as protecting your foundation and walls. Overhangs are structures on your home that are built over windows, doors, or as part of your roof in order to deflect water and light away from parts of the house. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to have overhangs added to your home. 

Protect Your Foundation

One of the worst problems that a lack of an overhang can have on your home is foundation damage. This is because an overhang is designed to have the rainwater or melting snow run off your roof in a way that directs it away from the house. However, without an overhang, the water will simply pour off of the roof and onto the ground right next to the foundation.

When the water pours next to your foundation, it can seep into your basement over time and flood the home. In addition, water seeping into the ground near your foundation can get into small cracks, freeze, and cause those cracks to get even larger.

Protect Your Walls

Another major reason to use overhangs is in order to keep water from running directly off of your roof and down your walls. This is very important as when that water runs off of your roof it can begin to seep into your walls and behind your siding.

This can result in the siding rotting or the walls becoming discolored due to water damage. Another problem that this can cause is creating a breeding ground for pests and mold.

Protect Your Wallet

Finally, you will want to have overhangs over your windows in order to make your home a bit cooler in the summer and to save yourself a bit of money. The reason that this is possible is that the overhangs will keep direct sunlight from shining in through your windows as often, which will keep that sunlight from causing the interior temperature of your home to rise. As a result of the cooler temperatures, you will be able to limit how much you have your air conditioner on.

Contact a contractor today in order to discuss the possibility of adding overhangs to your home and how that could benefit you. Overhangs can keep water from damaging your foundation and walls while overhangs over your windows can keep your home cooler and lower your utility bills.