Eliminate Dandelions from Your Vacation Home's Property

If dandelions are growing rapidly on your vacation home's property, eliminate them by using the following tips. Once the weeds are gone, enjoy a beautiful, lush lawn whenever you are spending time at your retreat away from home.

Apply an Herbicide and Use Weed Pullers

Put on a pair of gloves and a face mask to protect yourself from harmful chemicals that are in the bottle of herbicide that you are using. Spray the herbicide directly at the leaves of each dandelion. If the dandelions are mixed in with healthy grass and shrubs, cover the plants that you do not want exposed to the herbicide with plastic sheeting until you are done treating the dandelions. The herbicide will kill each weed's root system. Once the dandelions have wilted, use weed pullers to remove each one and its root system from the ground.

Have Soil Tested, Add Fertilizer, and Plant Grass Seed

Purchase a soil test kit or have a professional assist with testing the soil on your property. If you choose to test the soil on your own, you will need to place several samples of the soil on your property in a vial and add a testing tablet to it or insert a meter into the ground. Each kind of testing kit will provide you with information about the results that you receive. If the soil is lacking nutrients, the soil may be favorable for the growth of dandelions.

Buy a bag of fertilizer that is designed to add the nutrients needed and spread the fertilizer across the lawn. A landscaping specialist can also be hired to assist with this step. Once the soil has the proper nutrients added to it, plant grass seed in any barren parts of the lawn and water the areas for the recommended amount of time listed on the package that the grass seed came in.

Keep the Grass Cut Short 

Even after the soil conditions have been improved, weeds can still pop up when you least expect them to. Keeping the lawn cut will minimize the number of weeds that thrive. Since seeds are dispersed from the top of each dandelion, one or two weeds growing on your property can quickly multiply into a large number. If you are not going to be spending a lot of time at your vacation home, hire a business that provides a lawn-cutting service and can use their lawn mowers to help you keep your grass maintained.

All of these steps will help you acquire a beautiful lawn that is dandelion free.