Shopping At The Hardware Store: Four Gift Ideas For Creative Kids

If you're looking for a creative gift for a child who loves to build things and think outside of the box, then you should head to a hardware store like Hardware Plus Inc. There, you can find a surprising number of things that will invigorate the creativity of the child on your gift list, especially if he or she is a spatial thinker.

1. Duct Tape

Duct tape, available at most hardware stores, can be used for a range of purposes. You can pair the tape with a book full of duct-tape-focused projects such as making wallets, tote bags, bracelets, belts and much more. Alternatively, just give the child the tape and let him or her go wild -- for example, a duct tape spider web or obstacle course around the living room is something most kids would love to make.

Alternatively, pair the duct tape with some pipe insulation and a few PVC pipes so the child can make padded PVC swords covered in traditional or patterned duct tape.

2. PVC Pipes and Connectors

PVC pipes aren't just for swords. They are also a fabulous building tool. Consider giving the kids on your gift list a large box full of PVC pipes in assorted lengths and connectors. Connectors come in a range of designs including ones that hold three pipes, perfect for making the corner of a PVC fort. If you want to encourage fort-making, include a tarp that can cover the boxes or other structures to keep kids dry and in the shade.

3. Tow Strap

Also, available at many hardware stores, a tow strap is another makeshift toy that can provide lots of possibilities. In imaginative play, a kid with a tow rope can pretend he is climbing a mountain, lassoing a horse or playing other games. Additionally, he can use the tow rope to outline a corral for his pretend cattle, or he can loop it over a tree branch to create a makeshift swing.

4. Glue and Scraps

If the child you are shopping for is old enough to play with glue, consider buying a bottle of super glue or a hot glue gun. Pair this adhesive with a box full of crazy "junk" ranging from scrap wood, to bits of hardware, old circuit boards, buttons, or whatever you can find. This will provide everything a child needs to make some super cool, modern 3D sculptures.