Concrete In The Kitchen

Updating the appearance of your home's kitchen can add value and aesthetic appeal. If you are hoping to give your kitchen a more modern look, then incorporating concrete into the design of the space can be beneficial.

Here are three unique concrete features to include in your modern kitchen makeover.

1. Concrete Flooring

The flooring you select for your kitchen must be durable enough to withstand heavy traffic and the occasional food or beverage spill. The addition of a concrete floor in your kitchen can be a great way to marry a modern aesthetic with durability and ease of maintenance.

Once polished (a process that costs a mere $2 to $6 per square foot), you just need to sweep and mop your floor regularly to  keep the concrete looking great. Thanks to the introduction of concrete glazes and tints, you can also add a custom color to your concrete flooring for a relatively affordable price.

2. Concrete Countertops

Another great place to introduce some concrete into your kitchen if you are hoping to achieve a more modern design is through your countertops. Adding concrete countertops in your kitchen will give you access to a heat-resistant surface that can withstand daily use. Your pots and pans won't leave burn rings, and you can easily keep your concrete countertops clean by wiping them down with a wet rag and some non-abrasive soap.

If you are looking to add a little more interest to the concrete used to create your countertops, you can opt to have marble chips or pieces of amber incorporated into the concrete mix. These additives will help you create chic and industrial countertops during your kitchen renovation.

3. Concrete Stools

Incorporating touches of concrete into the decorative items you place in your kitchen can help you complete your modern design. Many homeowners opt to add stools to a kitchen island or bar area in order to provide additional seating for guests.

You can replace the seat of these bar stools with concrete pavers to help maintain your modern look. Using concrete furnishings in your kitchen will help you create a cohesive and functional living space.

When you take the time to consider the addition of concrete elements into your updated kitchen's design, you will be able to easily create a more modern and functional living space inside your renovated kitchen. Talk to a contractor like Unit Step Company about adding concrete flooring, countertops, and furnishings to your kitchen.