Are You Looking to Hire an Interior Painting Contractor? Lesser Known Questions You Should Ask the Painter Before Hiring

Adding a new paint of coat to your interior walls can transform the entire look and feel of a space. A painting contractor can do this for you, ensuring the paint evenly coats your walls. Before you hire a contractor, there are many questions you should ask to help you find the right one. Most people know to ask about price and whether the contractor is insured. However, there are other important questions that are often overlooked. Here are three lesser known questions that you should be asking a painting contractor before you hire them for your interior painting job.

How Much Wall Prep Is Included in Your Price?

One important question to ask as you look to hire a painting contractor is how much wall prep is included in the price. Wall prep includes patching nail holes, scrubbing down the walls to remove foreign substances, or even resurfacing after wallpaper has been removed. Some companies do minimal wall preparation. They may patch a few holes here and there, but that is it. Other companies will spend a lot of time removing any imperfection from the wall before repainting it. You want your walls to look great once painted without any flaws or imperfections, so finding a contractor who spends time prepping the walls is important.

Do You Use Employees or Sub-Contractors?

Another key question to ask a contractor you are looking at hiring is whether they use employees or sub-contractors to help on the job. If a company uses employees, you can be sure they are capable of handling the job. If they use sub-contractors, this may be their first time working with the company. If a contractor states that he uses sub-contractors to complete the work, ask if they have background checked these individuals and worked with them before. If the contractor has not, they may not be able to guarantee the work.

Do You Offer a Warranty?

The last key question to ask a painting contractor is if they offer a warranty. Most people don't think to ask about a warranty on their paint job. However, you may find that the color begins to fade quickly, the paint begins to bleed, or that the paint begins to peel. Most companies that offer a warranty will offer a one to three year warranty. Additionally, be sure to ask what the warranty covers. Some warranties will only cover the cost of the new paint, not the labor involved. A company that uses quality material and stands behind their work should have no problem offering a warranty.

Asking the right questions can help you find the right painting contractor for your job. Before you hire a painting contractor, always ask about price and what type of insurance the contractor carries. However, also be sure to ask about how much wall prep is included in the price, if they offer a warranty, and whether they use employees or sub-contractors to complete the job.