Bathroom Remodel Splurges That Are Totally Worth It

Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to enjoy this intimate space and add value to your home (make sure your remodel costs 15% or less than the value of your home to get the best return on it). When planning your remodeling project with your contractor, make sure you keep in mind the type of flooring, paint color, vanity, and even bathroom fixtures you want. Some items are worth splurging on and can really make your bathroom pop, and knowing what they are can help you spread your budget much further. Here is a list of some of the things you really want to consider for your bathroom, even if they hog a decent amount of your budget.

Heated flooring

Getting out of the shower or bath and being able to walk on warm floors rather than cold tile is not only a benefit you can enjoy, but it's a benefit that future homeowners would like as well. It's a modern addition to your home that isn't overwhelming or kitschy, making it perfect for your flooring needs. You can install heated flooring coils under your existing floors to save money on actually having to redo them to upgrade them.


You want the fixtures in your bathroom to all match, so make sure you choose a style that is long-lasting and won't go out of fashion in a few years. Your local plumbing supply store has a variety of copper, brass, and steel sink and shower fixtures (don't forget your towel and shower rods) that you can consider. If you want to go with modern styles, stick to shiny steel with a silver finish. For a more dramatic or classic appeal, stick to copper or brass. Allow your contractor to purchase the fixtures for you, since they know the dimensions of your bathroom better and are skilled in the hardware that may be needed in order to complete the install.


You want your bathroom to be bright and intimate at the same time. You want to have a lit-up vanity that can illuminate your face so you can groom your face and hair without having to bring out an additional light or mirror. Your contractor can recommend recessed lighting or switch-controlled lighting for your bathroom so you can always have the amount of brightness you need. Soft yellow lighting is best for overhead lights, while stark white lighting works excellently for your vanity.