Bit Of Information About Garage Door Spring Repair

A garage is only good if the door works properly. Much of the way it works depends on the springs. When a spring breaks, the door is too heavy for you to lift alone and it becomes unusable. While the fix might seem to be as simple as removing the broken spring and replacing it, the tension needed on it makes this difficult. Before you decide what to do, there are a few things you need to know.

Type of Spring

Generally, there are two types of door springs, extension and torsion. Extension springs run perpendicular to the door above the tracks. They are lighter and longer than torsion springs and have a cable running through them. The cables serve to keep the spring in place should it break. There are also pulleys attached to the springs that provide the tension to open the door. While the cables hold the spring in place, there is nothing holding the pulleys. They can fly out and cause damage or injury to anything it their path. Torsion springs run parallel to the door and work by twisting to open or close and creating tension to lift or close the door. When a torsion spring breaks, there is no cable keeping it in place and it can spring out and cause serious damage.

The Door

Regardless of the type of spring, a garage door is very heavy. When you attempt to replace the springs it becomes a dead weight that may fly up or down with no control. Even if you have made sure nothing is in its normal path, the door may break as it hits the floor, sending bits flying about the area. Even a small bit of wood or aluminum may injure someone nearby.

The Tracks

When a spring breaks, it may fly out and damage the tracks the door ride on. This may cause the door to become stuck in position or allow it to come crashing down. Damaged tracks may also become loose and fly out to hit some or something it their path.

While you can work on a garage door's tracks to make sure they are in proper alignment, if the problem is with the springs, it is best to leave any repairs or replacement with a professional. A garage door company will send out a team to work on the springs. They technicians will be sure that the door is secure before attempting to work on the springs. They also know how to carefully work on the springs so that no one or nothing is harmed while the work is being done. For more information, visit websites like