Why Bathtub Refinishing Is The Perfect Way To Update Your Outdated, Chipped, Or Worn-Out Tub

If your bathtub is old and outdated, chipped and scratched, or impossible to clean due to the finish wearing away, you may be ready to replace it. Unfortunately, replacing your bathtub is an expensive procedure that requires the work of many different contractors. Instead, you should consider having your existing bathtub refinished. Bathtub refinishing bonds a new white finish to your bathtub, updating it and protecting it without the need to replace the tub entirely. Here's why bathtub refinishing is the perfect choice for your old and worn bathtub.

Less Expensive than Replacing Your Bathtub Entirely

When homeowners plan to replace their bathtubs and take a visit to the hardware store to see their options, they're initially quite excited. Quality bathtubs are inexpensively-priced. Unfortunately, this excitement wears off when they consider the entire cost of the replacement. You'll need drywall and tile experts to expose pipes. The existing bathtub must be removed and disposed of and a plumber must be called to connect the new bathtub to the existing plumbing. After that, the flooring near the bathtub needs to be slightly adjusted in order to accommodate the size of the new bathtub. Unless you're planning a complete bathroom remodel, replacing a bathtub requires too many contractors and too many changes to the bathroom to be cost-effective. It makes more financial sense to simply have your existing bathtub refinished.

Improves Your Bathtub's Resistance to Staining and Makes It Easier to Clean

If you have a stubborn stain in your bathtub that won't come out or if it stains badly after every use, your bathtub's finish is wearing away. When a bathtub's finish begins to degrade, microscopic cracks form that allow minerals and dirt to enter in. This results in discoloration from the water every time you take a bath. It's also extremely difficult to remove these stains no matter how hard you brush or what cleaning agent you use because the stains migrate deeper into the finish and become inaccessible to your cleaning products but still visible to the eye. Refinishing your bathtub restores the protective effect of your bathtub's finish, stopping stains from rapidly forming and making them easy to clean when they do form.

Updates Your Bathtub's Color to a Bright White

Few things date your home faster than a garishly-colored bathroom. Throughout the 1970s, home builders installed bathrooms in a variety of colors, with avocado green, rose pink and indigo being the most popular. While the other fixtures in your bathroom are easy to replace, your bathtub is not. After your bathtub is refinished, it will have a glossy white color no matter its previous color. This makes it much easier to coordinate colors in your bathroom design and prevents your bathroom from dating your home.

While DIY kits for bathtub refinishing exist, it's better to call a professional. DIY refinishing is not an easy process, and requires extensive cleaning and the use of equipment (such as a respirator) that you may not own. You'll also end up with a worse-looking result, as you'll need to apply the finish using a brush or roller that leave streaks. Professionals apply with finish with a sprayer for a perfectly even result. DIY kits also aren't as resilient to scratching and often lose their gloss within months. If you need to have your bathtub refinished, call a professional. It's a quick process that will leave your bathtub spotless and ready for use within two days.

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