Myths About Residential Elevators

Residential elevators can be important devices for those that live in multistory homes and that suffer from mobility problems. Unfortunately, it is common for both those that are considering adding an elevator to the home and those that currently own these devices to have incorrect information about these devices.

Myth: Only Commercial Elevators Need To Be Regularly Serviced

There are some people that think that only commercial elevators will need to be regularly serviced. This assumption is often based on the increased usage that commercial elevators are likely to experience. However, residential elevators will still suffer wear and tear that will need to be corrected. Furthermore, most local communities will also require residential elevators to be regularly inspected to confirm that they have been serviced according to schedule.

Myth: It Is Extremely Disruptive To Have Your Residential Elevator Serviced

The process of servicing a residential elevator is often not as disruptive or lengthy as homeowners may assume. An experience elevator technician will be able to complete this work within a couple of hours as long as the elevator is free of serious damage. When extensive repairs are needed, the elevator may need to be closed until the correct parts can be obtained, but this is usually a rare situation as long as the homeowner has taken the appropriate care steps.

Myth: It Is Impossible To Upgrade Your Existing Elevator

There can be many upgrades that you may want to make to your elevator. For example, you may want to install a battery backup system for it. While relatively minor upgrades can be completed without the need for major construction work, there are some upgrades that may need extensive construction to complete. An example of this is enlarging the elevator, as the shaft will have to be enlarged to accommodate the bigger carriage. An elevator maintenance service provider will be able to inspect your current system to determine the difficulty and costs of your desired changes so that you can decide whether the upgrade is worth the expenses and disruptions.

Myth: Elevators Always Fall When They Malfunction

Some people may be worried about using a residential elevator due to a belief that it will simply fall if it malfunctions. To prevent this from occurring, a modern elevator will have a series of safety mechanisms that are designed to hold the elevator in place if a failure occurs. This makes the risks of this occurring extremely low. Furthermore, if the elevator malfunctions and gets stuck, there will be a phone on the interior that can be used to contact help.