Four Common Garage Door Damages And Problems

Being able to address the problems that arise with garage doors is important knowledge for homeowners to have. A handful of problems can account for many of the issues that homeowners will experience with their garage doors, and knowing more about these common problems can make it easier for you to limit the damage and disruption that is caused by these problems.

Damaged Railing

Damage to the railings can occur from a number of causes. For example, it can be common for individuals to accidentally bump into these rails with their vehicles, and this can cause them to become severely warped. It is also possible for this problem to occur due to routine wear and tear on the railings. As soon as you notice that the rails have started to suffer some warping, they should be replaced or reinforced as soon as possible. Eventually, the railings can become misaligned enough to prevent the door from being able to open or close.

Faulty Remote Control

A remote control that no longer opens the garage door can be an extremely inconvenient problem to have. In many instances, resetting or reprogramming the remote will correct this problem, but if it fails, replacing a garage remote control is fairly inexpensive. You may also want to keep a universal garage door opener in your home so that you can quickly program a new remote for the door if your current one stops working.

Water Damage

Water damage is a problem that homeowners often overlook when it concerns their garage doors. However, water damage can be extremely common for garage doors. Moisture can corrode many of the components of a garage door if it is able to make it past the exterior. This makes it important to periodically check for signs of water leaking through the door after it rains. Replacing the current weatherstripping or adding more will often be among the most effective steps for addressing this routine problem.

Door Damage

It can be possible for your garage door to suffer a variety of damages due to strong impacts. These impacts are often the result of airborne debris striking the door or vehicles bumping into it. Door damage can severely degrade the appearance of your garage door, and it may impact the door's ability to function as the door can become too warped. For these reasons, you should avoid using a garage door that has sustained deep indentions or other physical damage until it has been repaired.

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