What Customers Need to Know About Roof Repairs

Looking at the possibility of roof repairs can have customers worried about what they're really getting into. If you're searching for roofing companies that can handle your situation, it's good to know a bit about the process of performing roofing repairs. Here are three pointers that will help you have a more rewarding conversation with a contractor.

Identifying Your Type of Roof

Roof types in the industry are usually divided up by slope and materials. Flat roofing tends to be commonly used on commercial structures and large residential buildings, and sloped roofs are more common on houses. Usually, if there is a door that allows you to access the roof and you don't need any equipment to safely walk around, it's considered a flat roof. Some companies only do commercial and flat roof work, so you definitely want to be sure that you're pairing your job with the right professionals.

Materials also dictate some of the available solutions. For example, a rubber roof can often be treated with patches that are applied using torches. Conversely, a shingled roof may call for the removal of some of the existing materials and replacing a few sheets of shingles with new ones.

Decking Can Be a Big Issue

One concern that all roofing companies have about repair projects is that there's more than superficial damage to the roof. On a sloped roof, there is wooden decking that goes underneath the materials and a sheet of felt. This is what the nails that go through the materials are actually being attached to when shingles, metal sheets, or other products are being installed. Flat roofs are usually placed over the tops of more solid building structures.

Determining whether the damage is isolated is important. If one or two sheets of plywood happen to be rotting, it can be cut out and replaced. When you start seeing extensive problems, such as sagging, there's a concern that a significant amount of remedial work may be required to consider the building safe. Once you can see sagging from the outside, get a crew in to work on the roof as soon as possible.


Roof repairs are fairly cheap to deal with, at least relative to the possibility of having to tear out the roof and replace it or losing the entire building. The range in prices goes from about $350 to $1,300, and costs average a bit over $800.

Reach out to a roofing company, like Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling Inc, for more information.