How To Replace Broken Glass In Your Home's Window

Sometimes, glass breaks. That is just the nature of glass. Even if you take great care of your windows, the glass may break eventually. If you have a broken window, you can easily replace the glass in the frame.

Measure for the New Glass

When it comes to replacing your window, you need to measure for the new window. To measure for the new glass, you are going to want to measure the inside frame of your existing window. You are going to want to measure edge to edge inside of the frame. Once you have your measurements, you are going to want to take off a tiny bit on each side in order to allow for imperfections with the frame.

Purchase New Glass

You can purchase the new glass from a few different locations. Lumber stores often sell standard replacement glass sizes as do hardware stores. If you need a more specialized or custom size of glass, you are going to want to go to a glass store that can create a custom piece of glass that is the exact size that you need for you window.

Choose High Quality Glass

If you are worried about something breaking the glass again, don't just purchase regular double-pane glass. Instead, purchase some impact-resistant glass, also known as hurricane glass. This type of glass is made so that it can withstand the force of being hit by a flying object that is being carried by a strong gust of wind. This type of glass is made to withstand hurricane-force winds.

Attaching the New Glass

Next, it is time to attach the new glass. You are going to need new spring clips to go around the glass to secure the glass in your frame. Then, you need to make sure you place a glazier compound, which is a type of sealant, around the glass. This will help glue the glass into the place and ensure that it is well-sealed within the frame.

Cleaning Up the Job

Finally, you need to clean up the job. The sealant may leak out around the window after it is installed in the frame. Once the sealant has dried, use a knife to remove the excess sealant. You may also want to repaint the frame as well.

When it comes to a broken window, don't worry; you can replace the damaged glass without having to replace the entire window. Measure the impacted area, purchase new glass, and attach the glass using spring clips and glazier's compound. For more information, visit websites like