3 Details To Consider When Designing A Custom Deck

If you want to maximize your outside space, a custom deck is a smart addition to your home. Not only does a custom deck give you a space to entertain, but it can increase the resale value of your home. To ensure your deck has everything you're looking for, consider designing a custom deck. Keep these things in mind when crafting the plans for your custom deck.

1. The Material for Your Deck

Two of the most popular materials used to build decks are composite wood and pressure-treated wood. Composite wood combines wood fiber with resins; the end result is a strong, durable deck that requires minimal maintenance.

Decks built from composite wood are unlikely to sag, warp, or fade. You don't have to worry about painting or staining composite wood. Just brush off dirt and mud as needed to keep it looking like new.

Pressure-treated wood is a cheaper alternative than composite wood, making it a top pick for homeowners on a budget. With pressure-treated wood, you do need to stain or paint the deck every few years to keep it looking its best and to provide protection from the elements. Staining or painting also prevents bugs from penetrating the wood.

Structures built from pressure-treated wood often need regular repairs to prevent sagging or uneven areas. 

2. The Shape of the Deck

You have a lot of options for the shape of your deck to ensure it complements the look of your home's outside spaces. A rectangular-shaped deck provides a classic look that suits nearly any home.

If you prefer a more distinct look, check out an octagon-shaped deck. An octagon shape is also a good option if you want to house a large item on the deck, like a hot tub or fire pit. 

Since you're customizing the design of your deck, it's possible to combine multiple shapes if it best fits your needs. Combine a rectangle with an octagon to create a sitting area and an area for gathering around the fire pit. 

3. The Amount of Weight Your Deck Can Support

Your brand-new deck is the perfect spot to park a new hot tub or to create a convenient outdoor kitchen space. However, to make sure your deck can safely accommodate your plans, you need to check that the construction yields a sufficient weight capacity.

For example, hot tubs are relatively heavy, especially once you fill them with water. During the construction of your deck, you may need to have your custom deck contractor reinforce it so that it has a higher weight capacity. To reinforce the deck, your contractor will add additional connectors and braces.