When To Hire A Land Excavating Company

Removing soil or changing the lay of the land on a property you own may be a big job, and depending on the amount of change you are trying to make, you may not be able to do the work yourself. Hiring a land excavating company to do the work for you has some benefits and often means completing the job faster.

Removing Material

One of the most common jobs that land excavating services do is remove soil or dig trenches and holes. Often the areas excavated allow builders to put in a basement or crews to run pipe or lines underground. The excavation needs to be precise in these cases, and the machines chosen for the work need to be large enough to perform the task effectively.

Most land excavation services have the equipment to handle jobs from small holes to large underground structures. An extensive job may often mean finding a company that has enough equipment and operators to run several machines at the same time on one job. Often these large jobs can keep a land excavation company busy for several days or even weeks. 

For smaller jobs, the company may send one or two pieces of equipment to your job site, but if you feel you need more equipment, you can ask about it when discussing the job with the contractor.

Grading and Leveling

While excavation is often thought of as removing a lot of soil and digging deep holes in the ground, there is another land excavation service function. Often, leveling an area or setting the ground to a specific grade or angle also falls to land excavation services. 

It is vital that a trench, for instance, has the right amount of fall built into it so that the pipe in the trench has the same fall. Drain pipes laid into a trench with a base with the wrong angle may have trouble draining water away. The grading can be critical, so the excavation company needs to know how to achieve the proper angle when they are digging a hole or trench for a client.

Grading and leveling can also be useful for preparing a site for building. Some material may need to be excavated off the site in many cases, and the surface then lowered or leveled to get the area ready for other work. The excavation services company can make all the adjustments to the area that you need to put a structure on the site.