How To Replace Broken Glass In Your Home's Window

Sometimes, glass breaks. That is just the nature of glass. Even if you take great care of your windows, the glass may break eventually. If you have a broken window, you can easily replace the glass in the frame. Measure for the New Glass When it comes to replacing your window, you need to measure for the new window. To measure for the new glass, you are going to want to measure the inside frame of your existing window. [Read More]

New To Homeownership – Did You Think About The Roof?

Have you been doing your part in protecting the condition of your home? There's so much more that goes into caring for a home than most new homeowners realize. If you're new to owning a home and aren't sure what you need to do to protect the roofing, it's time to start learning. Here, you'll find a few things that you can do to ensure that the roofing on your home remains in the protective condition it needs to be in. [Read More]

What Customers Need to Know About Roof Repairs

Looking at the possibility of roof repairs can have customers worried about what they're really getting into. If you're searching for roofing companies that can handle your situation, it's good to know a bit about the process of performing roofing repairs. Here are three pointers that will help you have a more rewarding conversation with a contractor. Identifying Your Type of Roof Roof types in the industry are usually divided up by slope and materials. [Read More]

Clean Your Chimney Yearly Even If You Don't Use It

For many people, a chimney is just a cosmetic feature; they know the fireplace works but stick to using the home's heating system (sans fireplace) instead. This lack of use makes the idea of cleaning the chimney seem odd, but it's something that has to be done on a regular basis; yearly is a good schedule. Even if you do not use the fireplace or have not used it for a long time, problems can form inside the chimney that a good cleaning will reveal. [Read More]