Debunking The Most Frequent Misconceptions About Residential Elevator Installation

Offering a homeowner the ability to skip from floor to floor without effort, a home elevator is a logical solution for those who have physical limitations and live in a multilevel home. Even though an elevator provides a more permanent and valuable solution than a chairlift, many homeowners avoid the idea of having an elevator installed altogether. Unfortunately, there are myths and misconceptions that get in the way of going ahead with elevator plans for a lot of homeowners. [Read More]

Thinking Of Pressure Washing Your Roof? 4 Things To Know Before You Do

Roof algae is an annoying organism--one that cause ugly black streaks to stand out on your roof seemingly overnight. To combat algae, as well as moss and lichens, many people choose to pressure wash their roof. Yet, before you succumb to this temptation, it's important to know a few things. This article will provide four invaluable tips for the next time you decide to pressure wash your roof. Wear proper foot gear. [Read More]

Choosing The Right Type Of Sprinkler Head

When it comes to your sprinklers, the type of heads you have matter. The heads, or emitters, are what delivers the water to your lawn. Whether you are replacing the current heads on your system or simply designing a new system, the following guide can help you better understand your sprinkler head options. Fixed Heads Fixed head sprinklers do not move. Instead, they are set in a specific spray pattern – a full circle, half circle, or quarter circle – depending on where they are placed. [Read More]

How To Mix And Store Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete is great for all sorts of structural repairs and installations. It is so convenient and easy to mix that it is often used for small concrete patches as well as large scale concrete pours. However, DIY enthusiasts will want to know the best way to mix and store concrete. Ready-mixed concrete is super easy to work with: just add water. You also need to always keep an eye on the clock, because the mixed concrete can dry out, changing the consistency and making it harder to work with. [Read More]