Three Problems That Cause Well Pumps To Fail And How To Prevent Them

If you rely on a well for water in your home, well maintenance is important. When your well equipment fails, then you will have to go without potable water. Knowing what type of problems could cause your well pump to fail could prevent these problems and save you money on repairs. Here are some of the problems that cause well pumps to fail and what you can do to prevent them: [Read More]

Grading On A Downhill Slope: Why Sump Pump Installation Requires It

Sump pumps are strange machines. First, they have to sit low, and then they have to pump water up high against gravity. You would think that keeping the sump pump opening level or above the basement floor would make better sense. Actually, it does not. Here is why your basement needs to be graded on a downhill slope toward the sump pump prior to sump pump installation. Because...Gravity The same confounding force that the pump has to push up against vertically is the same one that helps the water to drain and collect in the sump pump drain. [Read More]

Bit Of Information About Garage Door Spring Repair

A garage is only good if the door works properly. Much of the way it works depends on the springs. When a spring breaks, the door is too heavy for you to lift alone and it becomes unusable. While the fix might seem to be as simple as removing the broken spring and replacing it, the tension needed on it makes this difficult. Before you decide what to do, there are a few things you need to know. [Read More]

Top 5 Reasons To Seal A Concrete Driveway Or Patio

Concrete is a versatile material that can be used for driveways and patios. While concrete is quite durable, it is always a good idea to have a concrete driveway or patio sealed after it is poured and completely cured. Sealant can be used on regular concrete, colored concrete, and stamped concrete. There are a number of reasons to seal your concrete, such as: Increase Longevity A concrete sealer can be thought of as an extra layer of protection for your concrete driveway or patio. [Read More]